Free-cooling all the time

  • Operates with high temperature coolant greater than 32°C/90°F producible by evaporative cooling globally under all environmental conditions
  • Waste heat contained in an easily recyclable liquid form

Safe and Reliable

  • Double-walled enclosure maintains separation between coolant and equipment at all times, no liquids, no hoses, no risks
  • Capable of redundant operation with dual coolant feeds

Versatile Enclosures

  • Proven capability yielding densities as high as 50kW a rack, with theoretical densities higher than 100kW
  • Can be made backwards compatible to allow mixing of existing equipment, network gear and Thermal Rail™ cooled equipment
  • Easily integrated into container based deployments

Simple Server Design

  • Can be adapted for any type of rack-mountable equipment, low power server, high power compute, network gear, anything!
  • Low part count, easy to manufacture
  • Easy to use and maintain

Minimizing the Cost of Cooling

Thermal Rail™ technology cuts costs by shifting the task of primary heat removal from the air to a high-temperature liquid coolant. This in turn reduces both capital and operating costs by significantly reducing the need for capital intensive air handling systems and chilled coolant, the majority of the heat being removed for just the energy it takes to run a pump.


Integrating Thermal Rail™ technology into the data center can benefit everybody, from older low efficiency data centers to the state of the art.

Older low efficiency and data centers reporting average power usage effectiveness (PUE) have the most to gain. With an average air-cooled data center with a PUE of 1.8 estimated to save over $0.5 million USD per annum in operating costs for each megawatt of IT load replaced by Thermal Rail™ cooled systems. With millions more being saved for new builds by avoiding high cost air handling equipment and reducing support system capacity.

Benefits for today's state of the art data centers are not insignificant either; with greatly increased densities, reduced air handling requirements and waste heat recycling - today's state of the art will be playing catchup tomorrow.


Why Thermal Rail?

Thermal Rail™ technology has been designed to meet all the needs of the data center. Incorporating many features to ensure that it can be safely deployed in mission critical environments while also enabling higher densities, maintaining familiar maintenance needs and saving both money and energy.

One need that stands out however is that the data center industry needs a technology that can be put to work for everybody, from the smallest of data centers to the most sophisticated while being flexible enough that equipment manufacturers can build compatible equipment cheaply and easily. Thermal Rail™ technology meets that need.


Our benchtop proof of concept system proves that Thermal Rail™ technology can successfully cool the CPUs and other components of a modern server system under full load conditions without requiring fans or other traditional cooling apparatus.

We are currently developing the necessary servers and enclosures required for a full scale deployment in a production environment.


If you like what you've seen and want to integrate Thermal Rail™ technology into your companies data center or products then please let us know your needs by using the form below.

We are working to make Thermal Rail™ technology available to you as soon as we can. You can help us to do this by taking the time to give us your opinion and tell us about your specific data center needs. The more people that communicate with us the better prepared we will be to meet your needs, saving you money and reducing energy use. Your comments can make a difference.

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About Us

We're a Montreal based startup with a simple goal; to put Thermal Rail™ technology in as many data centers as we can, either by licensing, manufacturing or a combination of both.

Our Motivation

In 2011 it was reported that nearly 1.3% of global electricity, and 2% of U.S. electricity generated was being used for data centers alone. With the data center industry reporting that cooling accounts for almost 50% of that energy it was clear that something had to be done.

This is our solution - a new technology which meets the needs of the data center while slashing the energy and cost of cooling.